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How to Lose Leg Fat – Secrets on How to Lose Leg Fat Fast

Posted by Danielle on May 16, 2011

How to Lose Leg Fat

Hi Danielle here with more how to lose leg fat tips. I am going to go over just a FEW ways to lose leg fat fast so this is going to be a pretty short and simple little post.  But if you are serious about losing leg fat then you should check out this site:

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So what is the number one thing on how to lose leg fat in the quickest way possible?  Diet.  Yup, there is no other way around this.  In order to learn how to lose leg fat you need to lose fat on your overall body, which means you need to go on a proper diet.  However, just because you have to get on a correct diet doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or eat disgusting food that you wouldn’t feed to your worst enemy.

It simply means to eat right.  That’s right, you can eat and still lose A LOT of weight.  Also, another tip on how to lose leg fat is you simply cannot target losing fat just on your legs.  Your body doesn’t look at where the most fat is and eliminates that part of the body.  Your body looks at the body as a whole and so fat loss is usually all around your entire body.

For example, you may lose some weight on your legs, your neck and your belly.  But on other days, you might lose fat on your arms, buns, and thighs.  So, while you can do squats and leg workouts to build muscle on your legs, you simply cannot target the fat loss specifically on the legs.  That is why you need to maintain a good diet in order to lose some fat off those legs.

how to lose leg fat

How to Lose Leg Fat – Diet Plan

So I’m going to give you basic diet tips on how to lose leg fat and some stuff that helped me lose fat not only on my legs and thighs, but also on my entire body as well.

First of all, the diet that I use is a balanced diet that I can stick to.  Most people don’t stay on diets because they are simply TOO HARD to do and requires you to either starve yourself or have no energy at all.  That is no way on how to lose leg fat.  Well, I’m going to tell you that this diet is EASY and you can eat good food as well.

How to Lose Leg Fat Diet Tip #1

Tip one is not to eat until you are absolutely full.  The point is to eat until you are ALMOST satisfied, but not quite there.  You will definitely be adding fat if you are eating until you are full.  So, the how to lose leg fat diet plan starts out with not eating until you are bloated.  An easy way to do this is to drinks lots of water while you eat and EAT SLOWLY.  This is a psychological thing where you trick the body into thinking that it’s getting more food by eating slow.  This is just ONE of the many tricks of losing leg fat.  If you want to lose leg fat in the fastest way possible be sure to check out this website:

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How to Lose Leg Fat Diet Tip #2

Do not drink calories.  A big no-no on how to lose leg fat.  It’s just not healthy and water does the same thing while adding more moisture to your body.  This means no sodas, beverages, and even fruit juices.  An important thing about fruit juices is that they are not the same thing as eating fruits!  You don’t get the fiber you get from eating straight fruits so avoid fruit juices even if they say they are from 100% fruits.  The things you can drink, but should be limited to only 1 to 2 drinks per day are: diet sodas, tea, coffee (without cream & sugar), water, and wine.  Try to limit yourself from these beverages as much as you can.

How to Lose Leg Fat Diet Tip #3

So the next how to lose leg fat diet tip is having a good balance of protein, carbs, and fat.  You need all three in order to lose weight on those legs and therefore lose fat all over your body.  You should have mostly protein in your meals, followed by carbs and then fat.  You should be eating about 4 times a day to keep your metabolism flowing and every single one of these meals should contain protein.  For protein you can eat: beef, chicken (preferably thigh or breast), pork, eggs, tofu, fish, etc.  Also, you shouldn’t eat any white carbs.  Some obvious “white carbs” are: breads, rice, pasta, wheat products, grains, and cereals.  I know that people will say wheat products are suppose to be “healthy” but, to lose fat, this just isn’t true.  This is how to lose leg fat fast.  You can however, eat carbs from veggies, fruits, and bean products such as pinto and black beans.  How to lose leg fat also relies on good fats such as: avocados, olive oil, egg yolks, and other products containing monosaturated fat.  Follow this meal plan for six days, and on one of the days, you can eat whatever you want.  Yup, anything and everything including white carbs and sodas.

This is done to “trick” your body from getting used to the usual routine and gives your metabolism a boost.  Some people call this “carb-cycling” or “calorie-cycling.”  While you might gain some weight the next day, if you follow with the how to lose leg fat diet plan you should shed those pounds off and more within 48 hours.  This is probably the easiest diet in the world, but it works like a charm.

Last words on How to Lose Leg Fat

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little secrets on losing leg fat and found it useful in your journey for sexy thighs, legs and buns.  I know these little tips may not be much, but they surely have helped me in my own quest on losing leg fat and overall body fat loss.  By the way, I happened to have found most of these information from a product called the Thin Thighs Program.  It has truly helped me to learn how to lose leg fat and shed of pounds of fat!  So make sure to check it out as it will filled with lots of “sneaky” how to lose leg fat secrets!

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How to Lose Leg Fat – Tips on How to Lose Leg Fat Fast

Posted by Danielle on April 15, 2011

How to Lose Leg Fat Tips

How to lose leg fat?  Big fat, thick thighs.  Ugh!  Don’t you hate that!  Don’t you wish that they would just disappear?  I hear ya.  I’ve been there too and have found just a few ways on how to lose leg fat with a few simple little tricks.  Don’t worry, they don’t required running a marathon or even a hardcore diet where you gain back the weight right after you get off.

Also, I would stay away from those commercial materials that everyone is trying to sell you on how to lose leg fat and body fat in general.  Yes, I’m talking about diet pills and acai berries and what not.  In my experience, not only do they not work, but leave some HORRIBLE side effects.  They’re also very expensive as well.

So how did I do it?  I’m going to share with you just some simple strategies on how to lose leg fat and how I managed to get pretty slim thighs and legs.  They are very simple and quite easy to do and follow.  AND not only will they help you lose leg fat, but they’ll also help you in losing overall BODY fat as well.

how to lose leg fat

My Simple Little Tips On How to Lose Leg Fat

How to Lose Leg Fat Rule Number #1: Diet

Diet is king when you are trying to lose any kind of fat, whether it be leg fat or face fat and especially on how to lose leg fat.  There’s simply no other way around it.  Diet pills ain’t going to help you lose leg fat nor any other “diet” miracle plants and superfruits that are all over the internet today.  You need a PROPER and HEALTHY diet.  Period.

So what kind of diet do you need for how to lose leg fat?  I’ve tried all the diets out there and, they might work in the beginning, but AFTER the diet, I usually just binge and get right back to my weight as I was before and sometimes weighed even MORE.  So you want to go with a diet that you can STICK with, not the best diet in the world.  You can lose 10 pounds in a week, but if you can’t stick to that diet you are going to gain the 10 pounds right back again the next week.

So you want a diet you can stick with.  For me, what works the best seems to be in this ratio: 20/60/20.  This is 20% carbs, 60% protein, and 20% fat.  No, this is not a low calorie, high protein diet.  It’s not the typical low carb diet you have heard of on how to lose leg fat, it has a little twist to it which is HIGHLY effective.  It’s something called “calorie shifting.”  You may have heard of it, but this diet honestly is the one that most people will STICK with, because it is really easy to follow AND you lose weight gradually.  So my number one how to lose leg fat trick is to eat mostly protein (meats, tofu, nuts, etc.) with little carbs (carbs are mostly used for energy, so you need SOME carbs.  Examples: bread, fruits, beans, etc.) and you need some GOOD fat as well (avocados, egg yolks, olive oil, etc.).

You also want to eat several times a day.  Shoot for AT LEAST a minimum of four times daily spread evenly throughout the day.  And also DO NOT skip breakfast.  This is where your metabolism will SHOOT UP and you’ll lose leg fat extremely fast with the added metabolism.

How to Lose Leg Fat Rule Number #2: Walking

Speed walking to be exact.  Intense exercise is really overrated.  The reason that intense aerobic exercise, such as stairclimbers and jogging is that they burn CARBS not fat tissue.  They do build muscle, but want to build muscle while burning FAT not carbs.  So if you get your heart rate pumping and then maintain this rate for a minimum of 20 minutes or more, then your body will start burning the stored fat in your body and eventually how to lose leg fat will eventually come down to this principle: walking.

So short, and energy-bursting aerobic exercises is overrated and will deprive you of all your energy as well.  A simple walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes, twice a day can do the trick.  It’ll burn body fat, which will burn your leg fat, and will build muscle in your legs for even more added weight loss.  A good tip on how to lose leg fat.

The key on how to lose leg fat is not to work harder but to work smarter.  So intense training and short burst aerobic exercises are unnecessary to have sexy thighs and legs.

How to Lose Leg Fat Rule Number #3: Squats

Fat loss is generally taken from all over the body.  So to target fat loss in the legs we want to build muscle around the leg and thigh area.  To do a simple squat, put your hands in from of you and cross your arms, like a king tut kind of look.  Keep your back straight and then slowly bend your knees and to a position where it seems like you are sitting down in a chair, but there is no chair.  Then slowly get back up and rinse and repeat.

You want to go slowly on this, so that you can concentrate muscle building.  I generally go five seconds on the way down and then slowly come up for 5 seconds.  You want to do these exercises, preferably before and after you eat.  Keep doing them until your tired or you feel sore.  Also, allow rest for your legs, if they feel sore, take a break of a day or two.

Well, that’s about it for my tips on how to lose leg fat.  I want you to know that I have gotten a lot of this information from my leg weight loss program, Thin Thighs.  It has truly helped me out and I know that it’ll help you to in losing those stubborn leg fat.  So if you are serious about losing leg fat then check out the guide:  Click Here to Visit the Thin Thighs Official Website. Well that’s all I have to say for now.  Although, this information may not be much, I hope you found my tips on how to lose leg fat useful and wish you the best on your journey to sexy legs!


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